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The Importance Of Property Manager Services

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The people behind Property management services are professionals who take care of the day-to-day function of your rental properties. They keep up-to-date regarding laws about rental properties. Property manager services not only protect your investments but also safeguard your income.

There are many ways a property manager can help and this blog will help you know them. From separating investments to operations to saving time and money. Check out the services property manager can help you with;

Property Management Services in Ellenville:

Handles Rent Collection And Eviction

Once hired, Property managers are responsible for collecting rent and responsible for recording payment. Most property manager services have easy ways for payments such as online payments. This way the process is much easier than collecting rent face-to-face. 

As property managers are the one taking care of the landlords’ interactions with tenants, they receive valuable information regarding the property.  Here are some of the fees landlords should be aware of with a property management company. 


Property managers often charge a fixed amount, by the job, or a percentage of rental funds collected for property maintenance. This amount varies from each company so make sure to ask them.

Management Fee

This is the fee housing providers regularly pay their property managers each month for handling the everyday operations of their property.

Lease-Renewal Fee

This is the fee tenants pay when they renew their lease. Just note that each company charges differently.

Leasing Fee

This is the fee property managers ask for covering the paperwork, management, and background checks costs for new tenants. 

Safe Investment With Geographic Barriers

The United States has different laws about rental properties in each state. So having a rental property in a different state can be a challenge for housing providers to handle by themselves. Hiring property managers is a good choice because they prepare the property for any changes that will come in the future.  This way the property will remain secure even if the housing provider isn’t the one handling operations.

Decrease In Cost Of Management

There are always pros and cons in hiring professionals for maintenance work but what landlords should remember is that professionals do work efficiently.

So although sometimes a housing provider can save money by doing work themselves often there are times where it would have been less expensive to hire a professional. 

Expert Legal Rental Property Knowledge

Keeping current with US rental laws are hard even for experienced veterans, not to mention landlords with multiple properties in different places. Hiring property managers will ease this burden.

Proper Tenants Screening & Security Deposits Collection

Reducing financial loss of your asset is one of the main jobs of being a property manager and proper screening of tenants is one of the most important. Property managers should do a thorough background check of each tenant. In that way housing providers will know which tenant to approve.

Maintenance Costs Management

There’s a saying in the medical field that prevention is better than cure. That expression is also applicable in rental properties maintenance. It is always better to do preventative maintenance than to wait for something to go wrong  to fix it.

Property management companies can do maintenance efficiently because they already have a team of professionals in case one of the properties are in need of maintenance.  The time spent on preventative repairs is much smaller than housing providers doing repairs when something fails. 

Property Marketing and Vacancy Filling

One of the best things about hiring property managers is that housing providers don’t have to do anything with regards in marketing their properties. The property manager will do that.  Housing providers just need to make sure their properties are well-maintained and just let the managers do their work.

Aside from marketing properties, it is also the job of the manager to fill vacancies within the properties.


Property managers are an expense for landlords but their usefulness outweighs the expense.  Housing Providers will definitely have a better more profitable operation with the help of property managers like Teso Property Management in Ellenville.