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To-Do List On How To Maintain A Rental Property in Ellenville

Maintaining a Rental Property in Ellenville

To Maintain a rental property in Ellenville is not a menial responsibility since you’ll have many things to consider. This article will help you know what kind of maintenance tasks you will need for your property to avoid complaints, or even worse lose tenants.

Taking care of your property is like taking care of your health. Ignoring your rental issues sometimes lead to bad consequences which can leads to panic which can lead to bad decisions. Regular maintenance will help you solve immediate and subsequent problems regarding your property.

Intelligent landlords make a list of tasks for their rental property to steer clear of future problems. These are some of the tasks they do for regular maintenance.

Leaks And Rental Damage Maintenance

Let’s be honest here, leaking pipes are a pain for every landlord. Every landlord should know what causes a pipe to leak to properly gauge if their property has a high chance of having leaking pipes problems. These are some of the causes;

  • Corrosion
  • Roots
  • Water Pressure
  • Changes in Temperature
  • Shifts in Foundation

Leaking pipes do a lot more damage than you’d expect especially when the water seeps into the walls. It could set you back a couple of thousand dollars not to mention it is time-consuming. If any of these things are occurring on your property, you should do regular maintenance to control these potential problems.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

Fire accidents are nasty and all landlords should avoid fires in their rental properties. Study says that the presence of working smoke detectors will reduce the risk of dying in a fire by 50%.

It is necessary for landlords to know that maintaining their smoke detectors will not only help their tenants but also help them. Good and well-conditioned smoke detectors help to lessen the chances of fire escalating in properties. It could potentially save the lives of your tenants. So don’t be stingy in maintaining your smoke detectors.

Cleaning Maintenance Through Pressure Washing

What is pressure washing? Pressure washing is a type of cleaning that uses hoses that blow water with a huge amount of force. It can clean even the tiniest speck of dirt to any surfaces inside your property.

Any person including tenants would like to see their property cleaned at all times. This is true especially if you’re a rental property owner and you have your own tenants living under your property. Pressure washing will help you easily to maintain a rental property in Ellenville clean.

Even though the pressure washing method is good, other cleaning methods have their own upsides as well. Bleach washing can make surfaces of your property bright though it can also cause corrosion. The only important thing you need to remember is that all types of properties should undergo cleaning regularly. A clean home never disappoints when it comes to how appealing it is to people.

Air Filter Replacement Maintenance

What are Air filters? Air filters are devices composed of materials such as fiberglass or pleated paper. Air filters top function is that it catches and holds a wide variety of pollutants in the air such as;

  • Animal Hair/ Fur
  • Particles from Wood, Metal, etc.
  • Mold
  • Dirt and Dust
  • Pollen

Filtration happens when contaminated air goes through the equipment and then brought back to the property pollutant-free. There are many types of air filters so their efficiency varies depending on the product. Higher quality filters will cost more than average air filters.

If you are a property owner, and you’re thinking about proper rental property management in Ellenville. You need to know that dirty air filters are proportional to your utility bill. The dirtier your filter the bigger the bill will be. Granted, tenants are one to pay the bill but they can also leave your property because of high bills.

Maintaining your air filters is one of the practical ways to prove to your tenants that you’re willing to make their stay a long one.

Water Heater & Sink Maintenance

Water tanks as time pass typically hold sediment on their bottom. It will run efficiently if there are no sediments at the bottom. Water Heater Maintenance will not be an ongoing chore because this type of maintenance is advisable to be given once a year. Just always remember that a clean water tank will run on its own for a long period of time when given proper maintenance.

Leaky sink faucets can be a challenge to stop. In some cases, only a washer needs to be replaced but often requires the faucet to be disassembled and reassembled. In most cases with today’s modern faucets, it is quicker just to replace the entire faucet.

Good Rental Property Maintenance in Ellenville

 The key to being successful in rental property investment is to care about your tenants. They are your source of income so don’t be stingy when it comes to them. Always be proactive and avoid reactive decisions especially on how to maintain a rental property in Ellenville.  Look for a trusted company to manage your properties like Teso Property management in Ellenville.  Teso will maximize your investment and minimize your headaches.